Bespoke agile consulting services to facilitate organizations in process transformation to achieve business outcomes

  • Agile Assessment and Roadmap Development: our Agile Readiness Assessment identifies areas of focus as well as potential risks. All the actions identified during the assessment are prioritized based on parameters such as business benefits, costs, and ease of implementation, resulting in an actionable roadmap.
  • Agile Training and Coaching: We offer customized training and hands-on coaching for different levels in the organization – development teams, Scrum masters, Product owners, Agile Managers, executive and business.
  • Agile Transformation: Our structured transformation approach includes assessment and roadmap development, followed by implementation. Customized training and coaching ensures organizational alignment and effective change management.
  • Scaled Agile: We help organizations that have already implemented team-level agility to take it to the next level. We leverage and tailor best-in-breed industry frameworks such as SAFe® and SoS to scale agile processes across the enterprise.
  • Agile Project initiation: We provide guidance on how to effectively steer a project through the various stages of pre-initiation reviews and funding approvals. This offering helps organization estimate an agile project business case and plan agile project at the right level of detail to get it through project funding approval process, while still maintaining a quick, lightweight approach.